Create your goal and Execute it

I have been studying marketing for the last two years and I also wanted to do placement in firm. My goal was to get placement in marketing firm before I get into my second year of university. I did countless application online but didn’t receive response, I recently connected with Garry Kousolou about social media internship and he recommended to come to his Loving Social Media enterprises workshop in Enfield, because I express my interest in digital marketing and the power of social media.

When I arrive to the workshop Garry and Thegz, started with an ice breaker for everyone to introduce themselves and the industry they in, However everyone shared the same reason on attending the workshop to learn how effective the use of social media to gain exposure. I have personal accounts on the different platforms on social media, however I have never understood the uses of using it for business.

Garry and Thegz explain the power of social media in simplest and creative way for everyone to understand the concept on how to use social media, especially with Twitter and Facebook, I have gain knowledge of the following concept Benefits of platform, digital landscape and How to build a website, I understand the use of when to post an image or video on the different platform and what affect it will have when targeting my followers. Garry and Thegz gave me chance to shoot a video and edited it, giving me full creative control.


Garry has given me the chance to invest in me, by inviting me to his workshop and giving me a trail in his social media internship, Garry has allowed me EXECUTE my goal, to work in marketing firm, and the help of Thegz will allow me to further my knowledge. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn about social media to please attend this workshop, because if you don’t then you’re truly missing out.

social media enfield

social media enfield

Work Experience at Loving Social Media – Social Media Managers in Enfield

Before starting my work trial at Loving Social Media I had mixed emotions. I was nervous of the unknown but also excited for what was to come. I heard such great things about Gary and how he could benefit my career. So far it hasn’t disappointed, the staff have been amazing, it’s a perfect atmosphere for a workplace, fun and bubbly but also determined to succeed and complete the task in hand.
Gary is a great boss and Thegz is an amazing teacher. They have both taught me so much already in my 10 days and I hope I could learn more from them in the future.

During my first couple of days at Loving Social Media it was very nerve racking, however, the team really made me feel welcome. I knew it wouldn’t be easy because on the first day I had a task over the two weeks to get 2000 followers on a brand new twitter account. Gary and Thegz both gave me tips and advice on how to gain more followers and just general tips on how to keep a good, interesting twitter page. In the first couple days they also taught me about Likealyzer, and how you could check your Facebook score and it also explains what you’re doing wrong and right with your Facebook page.


In the beginning of my second week at Loving Social Media I had achieved 1,200 followers all within the correct area. Gary was very pleased and it gave me such boost and motivated me for the rest of week. Before I started the work trial I wasn’t really up to date with Twitter however by the 2nd week I was confident with Tweeting the right stuff. I was using the tips Gary and Thegz taught me and also was researching on the big companies Twitter pages and see what they were doing right. It was mainly keep your followers engaged and keep your Twitter page interesting.
During my second week I was also involved more with Gary’s opticians, GoodLooking Optics. Being on the shop floor and keeping the customers happy. At GoodLooking optics the customer service was very different to any other opticians I’ve been to. As a client you would never be ignored, you’ll receive the right stuff to keep you happy, Tea and Biscuit while you wait, can’t go wrong with that service. Gary taught me to never ignore the customers, and just make them feel welcome into the shop. On the shop floor I also learnt to call customers to inform them that their glasses or contacts were available in the shop to pick up.

garry kousoulou

On the last couple of days Gary invited me to his business workshop, where 10-15 small business owners turned up to learn more about how social media could help improve your business. There were businesses from Wedding planners to School uniforms, a vary of businesses. While I was there I learnt so much more from the workshop. Gary and Thegz explained how Twitter and Facebook worked for your business, they explained that why should you pay for adverts when you could simply promote your business on social media. I also learnt the structure of a business; operations, finance and marketing.
During the workshop Gary gave me an opportunity to speak in front of everyone and explain how I had achieved gaining so many followers in just over a week, and how I felt about my time working with Loving Social Media. I wasn’t just the only one to gain knowledge during the workshop, everybody left there very satisfied with now knowing what to do on social media to gain a better business status.


Overall my time working at Loving Social Media has been very helpful, gaining so much knowledge. Looking back I very much enjoyed my time, it has developed me and gained me the experience I was looking for. I hope there will be a place for me at Loving Social Media to develop my career even further in the world of social media.

Written by Rhys Williams

Best Social Media Company in Enfield

As a social media manager, I tend to spend most of my time getting my clients hgher on Google, so I let my own company slip don on Google.

After a few months of SEO working on our own Website,, we have now achieved Google domination!
We are number 1, 2, 3 & 4 on Google for Social Media Enfield!!

social media enfield



Accounts Manager at Loving Social Media – Thegz Savvides

The world of LinkedIn by a Social Media Company in Enfield

LinkedIn may seem like a daunting piece of Social Networking to sign up to but it proves very useful in the long run if you want to further your business and networking contacts for job opportunities. Here are some simple steps for you to advance in the world of networking:

social media enfield

Step 1:


To sign up you need an email address and password. Note that registering with a gmail account will require you to input your email address with the suffix “…”.


Step 2:


Once you have signed up to LinkedIn you will be able to make connections and recommendations to other people on the website. However you can only make a recommendation to a person if you are connected with them. This can be very useful as contacts can make recommendations for you and hence this can improve your profile as it would look more believable and less fabricated, this can then lead to your business (or whatever services you may be offering) becoming more popular and hence lead to bigger profits.


To recommend someone you need to go to the desired person, which also has to be connected to you on LinkedIn.


Step 3:


Once you are on the person’s profile which you would like to recommend then you need to scroll down to where it says “Send a message” and click the arrow on the right hand side of it and click on “recommend”. Alternatively you can scroll down the page until you get to the “recommendations” section where there is a prompt that asks you to recommend that person. If you cannot recommend a person then you are currently not connected with that person and you will have to re-connect with them or wait until they accept your connection invitation.

social media enfield

Step 4:


Once you have pressed the “recommend” button you may then proceed onto making a recommendation for them, fill in all the boxes if needs be and then the rest should be straight forward after you send it off. You may also edit a recommendation if you need to, so mistakes can be corrected!


Step 5:


Be AWARE that it may take 24 hours for a recommendation to show up on the desired contact’s profile.



If you recommend someone else’s profile then they might be courteous enough to recommend yours in return. My first recommendation was quite positive and it makes you feel good after you have done it, as it feels like you are trying to help someone achieve their goals. Once you have written this recommendation it is then added to their recommendations section on their profile and then you may go back and edit the posted recommendation in the future if needs be.


What do you think are the benefits of using recommendation?

Guest Blog – Social Media in Enfield Work Experience

Before starting work experience here I was initially having mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness, the fear of the unknown and excited about the things I’d be doing and meeting new people. It has been a great opportunity so far as I have been an unemployed graduate now for about a year it is really helping me get back into the rising up early and working mind-set again.

My first day was rather daunting at first which is only natural, as it was a new environment that I had to settle into and get used to. Garry (The boss) was really friendly which really helped my nerves, plus having seen him at my interview before hand helped as he was a familiar face. He showed me where I would spend most of my time working and then set me a task to do which was to create a channel art for Goodlooking optics YouTube channel, this helped wake up my brain which was half asleep. This task really helped me get thinking and using my creativity again as prior to work experience I hadn’t been drawing for quite a while and doing this is helping me get back into drawing and being creative. I met my manager Thegz for a second time as I had briefly met her at my interview. I learnt quite a few new things from her about social media one of the things I learned was about how to set schedules on Facebook page posts which I found very interesting and useful to use when keeping my own pages updated.

social media enfield

I also learnt how the company “Loving social Media” helps their clients run their social media websites. It was a learning curve and she also gave me a few things to do. After my first day I felt quite overwhelmed and my feelings were so jumbled up in my mind I wasn’t quite sure how well my first day had went or whether I felt good about it or not. It wasn’t a great feeling but I put it down to me not being used to doing a long stretch at work for a while and it was a shock to the system.

At the start of my second day my mood wasn’t at its best as I had spent most of the night awake and it was wet and miserable outside. I tried not to let this affect my work however; as this is an amazing opportunity that I have been given that many others haven’t, I couldn’t afford to get sloppy with my work. Garry’s enthusiasm soon rubbed off on me and I was being creative again while creating a Valentines themed Facebook cover photo for Goodlooking optics.

social media enfield

Before lunch time I had my free eye test which further lightened my mood and left me feeling happier and more optimistic the staff here are nice and friendly which is great as I tend to get very anxious in new environments. I had help picking out some new glasses which was fun, trying on some glasses I knew would look hideous on me then laughing at the sight of my reflection. I tend to be very picky with choosing new glasses. After narrowing it down to two which were typical “Purple frames” (purple is my favourite colour) and “Pink and black ones!” to my own surprise I chose the pink and black ones, I haven’t worn glasses with pink in since I was like 6 years old. After my second day I felt a lot better than I did after my first day, I felt more settled in and more optimistic about my possible future here.

Day three was a much shorter day as situations had risen. But I still had a positive working day and got some tasks finished after the short day I had I felt that I had gotten used to this “not so new anymore environment” and the people that I work here with.

Thinking back on my first week here it was truly an emotional roller coaster ride for me, as I was starting work in an unfamiliar environment with new people, which is always scary. It has been a really good and beneficial experience for me so far as I am using my skills that I’ve worked so hard developing. I’m learning new things, which is always a bonus for me and I’m growing more as a person and meeting new people. I’m excited to get involved in more projects as my work experience continues!

Written by Orinthia Tyrell

Social Media Enfield – Case Study

Humanising your brand is one of the best ways to receive interaction from your customers. Forever putting out content and calls to action simply doesn’t work.
One day, someone came into the opticians where Garry works and said to him, “you remind me of Scott Disick!” For those of you who don’t know, Scott is from the TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Garry, like anyone, was happy to be compared with a celebrity and so we thought we could integrate offline and online and ask the rest of our customers if they agree. What we did was to get a picture of Scott Disick and then a picture of Garry and put them next to each other. No fancy Photoshop business, just a simple paint job. Here’s what the post looked like:

social media enfield

As you can see, a simple post using real people can get you real results. We received 61 Likes, 28 Comments, and a reach of 1,391 people organically!

With simple tips, such as tagging the right people and putting a location in the post, you can out-smart the Facebook boffins that only want around 8% of your fans to see your post! You don’t always need to pay to get results.


Here are some tips from Thegz to get more likes, more eyeballs to see your posts, more engagement, and more money!

- A picture is proven to attract more people – but don’t always stick to a pic! Experiment with links, simple status updates, and videos.

- Always encourage engagement. This could be a call to action, asking a question to your fans and asking their opinion.

- Involve your friends. If you’ve got friends or family around, ask them if they can invite all their friends to Like your page. Around 10-20% of people will accept Like requests, so if your niece has 500 friends on Facebook, you’re likely to get at least 50 new Likes. What is there to lose?

- Encourage fans to share your post. Sharing goes out to 100% of the friends of the person who shared the post. So, if the “sharer” has 750 friends, guess how many people have just seen your post?

- Return the favour. If someone comments on your page, don’t just like their comment, comment saying thank you. Your page gets rated on your response time, as well as a lot of other things.

- Use a milestone. Using a ‘Milestone’ is a quick and easy way for 100% of your fans to see what you’re celebrating. GoodLooking Optics recently had its 10,000th customer come through the doors, so we took a picture of them with a prize, uploaded it to Facebook and made it a Milestone. These rules are the same for changing your cover photo.

Happy Facebooking – we wish you all the success!