Social Media Enfield – Case Study

Humanising your brand is one of the best ways to receive interaction from your customers. Forever putting out content and calls to action simply doesn’t work.
One day, someone came into the opticians where Garry works and said to him, “you remind me of Scott Disick!” For those of you who don’t know, Scott is from the TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Garry, like anyone, was happy to be compared with a celebrity and so we thought we could integrate offline and online and ask the rest of our customers if they agree. What we did was to get a picture of Scott Disick and then a picture of Garry and put them next to each other. No fancy Photoshop business, just a simple paint job. Here’s what the post looked like:

social media enfield

As you can see, a simple post using real people can get you real results. We received 61 Likes, 28 Comments, and a reach of 1,391 people organically!

With simple tips, such as tagging the right people and putting a location in the post, you can out-smart the Facebook boffins that only want around 8% of your fans to see your post! You don’t always need to pay to get results.


Here are some tips from Thegz to get more likes, more eyeballs to see your posts, more engagement, and more money!

- A picture is proven to attract more people – but don’t always stick to a pic! Experiment with links, simple status updates, and videos.

- Always encourage engagement. This could be a call to action, asking a question to your fans and asking their opinion.

- Involve your friends. If you’ve got friends or family around, ask them if they can invite all their friends to Like your page. Around 10-20% of people will accept Like requests, so if your niece has 500 friends on Facebook, you’re likely to get at least 50 new Likes. What is there to lose?

- Encourage fans to share your post. Sharing goes out to 100% of the friends of the person who shared the post. So, if the “sharer” has 750 friends, guess how many people have just seen your post?

- Return the favour. If someone comments on your page, don’t just like their comment, comment saying thank you. Your page gets rated on your response time, as well as a lot of other things.

- Use a milestone. Using a ‘Milestone’ is a quick and easy way for 100% of your fans to see what you’re celebrating. GoodLooking Optics recently had its 10,000th customer come through the doors, so we took a picture of them with a prize, uploaded it to Facebook and made it a Milestone. These rules are the same for changing your cover photo.

Happy Facebooking – we wish you all the success!





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Gary K talks to Gary V at silly o'clock #Spreecast

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Introducing the iOS7

Apple has announced a huge redesign of iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

social media london

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The totally revised mobile operating system includes brand-new versions of every Apple app, adds new notification options, a Control Centre for easy-access settings and many other upgrades.

But it is the visual changes that will be most obvious for new users. The whole OS is rebuilt on simplistic, clean, minimalist lines.

social media london

It came as the firm’s CEO Tim Cook revealed the company had sold more than 600 million iOS devices and told his audience that the latest operating system developments were the most significant since the iPhone was launched in 2007.

He said: “The team at Apple has been working incredibly hard on the latest version of iOS and today it is of great thrill that I announce iOS 7.

The new operating system was showcased in a short video accompanied by an explanation from Sir Jonathan. The designer, known as Jony, said iOS7 offered a “whole new structure” with a “profound and enduring beauty”.

iOS 7 will be released in the autumn, and is available in beta immediately.

social media london

The new features include:

  • Mulitasking for every app, so that your apps can run easily in the background of iOS, and new previews of every app you have running
  • Safari is upgraded and rebuilt, with parental controls, a new tab view and a ‘full screen’ interface
  • Control Centre - swipe up from the home screen to access basic settings such as Bluetooth, Airplay, brightness and the camera
  • Airdrop - an easy way to share files with people around you, or your Mac
  • Camera - totally redesigned camera app including live no rx viagra photofilters
  • Photos - the new app can organise your photos automatically into ‘moments’ based on location and content
  • Siri - a brand new interface for Siri, a new voice (male and female) and new features including integration with brightness, vague Wikipedia (and Bing) searches, voicemail and Twitter
  • Car integration - iOS 7 can now work with several car brands and integration searching, Siri and music into your car’s interface
  • App Store - searching by age range, ‘Apps near me’ searches, automatic updates
  • Music - new designs for the Now Playing and album view
  • iTunes Radio - Apple’s long-rumoured streaming service was finally announced. Built into the Music app, free (with ads) or ad free with iTunes Match (US only for now)
  • Activation Lock - now once you wipe your lost device it won’t turn back on unless the person with it knows your Apple ID and password


Source: Huffington Post

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Exhibiting at the North East London Business Expo

Tuesday the 14th of May was the day, terrible was the weather, high were our spirits…

The North East London Expo was in full swing by the time we got there (a little later than we should have been.. oops.) We set up our stand and ran to do our talk.
We were surprised at the amount of visitors and other exhibitors that were in the room! The talk last just over an hour and then we were back on our stand, watching magic happen.

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We would like to thank Dawn and Karen for the opportunity to exhibit at their expo, and also for the chance to look after their social media in the months prior to the event! The exhibition was a success and we would definitely consider coming again next year!

The Mayor or Leyton also made a cheeky appearance towards the end of the expo, and had a speech handy for the drinks discount viagra online reception.

social media london

Overall the event was a great success and we met some wonderful people on the day that we hope to keep in touch with. Business cards became scarce but the spirit still remained! Great job to all who attended and we hope to cross paths again!


Follow: @lovingsocialmed

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Changes to the Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook have now changed their cover photo rules!
Before you were not allowed a ‘call to action’ on your cover photo. A call to action is trying to make your audience do something, eg. Like my page – or – visit my website.

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These are now allowed to be out up, but with restrictions! The restriction is that you cannot put more than 20% of text on your cover photo.  The maximum 20% text rule also applies to any photo in a Facebook ad as well, so keep that in mind with your next ad campaign.

Here is our new cover photo:

social media london

If you cannot tell if you are breaking the rules or not, Paavo can help. It shows you if your photo is in compliance with the new rules.

social media paavo

One thing that is confusing in the example provided by Facebook online viagra is that there are a couple of boxes that have text extending slightly into the box and Facebook did not mark them as having text. Hmmm.

Also worth noting is that the 20% text policy doesn’t apply to pictures of products that include text on the actual product. But Facebook goes on to say that they aren’t allowing images that are edited to include text as a “loophole to policy.”

As the Facebook news feed changes start rolling out, it will become even more important to have an engaging and interesting cover photo.

Facebook is putting greater emphasis on cover photos when people interact with your Page. And if you have a Page that is noncompliant, it’s a good idea to fix that as soon as possible.

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Facebook trials personal message fee system in UK

Facebook is to trial a fee-based personal message system, in an attempt to curb inbox spamming, reports.

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social media lonon

The new system, which was tested in the US last December, will essentially charge users when they send messages to someone who is not one of their friends – therefore typically someone high-profile.

It applies a fee structure commensurate with the number of fans a non-friend possesses and the number of emails they receive. The example cited by is of Olympic bronze-medallist, Tom Daley, to whom it would cost £10.68 to send a message based on his Facebook popularity. The sliding scale structure means that prices can fluctuate in line with popularity.

The move is designed to help users better manage social media interactions, by limiting the amount of spam messages sent and also alerting them to ‘priority messages’ that they actually might like to read.

Naturally, the system – which Facebook intends to roll out to the entire country eventually – has been met with some criticism. Inevitable comparisons have been drawn with rival, Twitter, which still allows fans to ‘tweet’ celebrities and/or non-followers.

A statement released by Facebook explained the move further: “The system of paying to message non-friends in their inbox is cheapest uk viagra designed to prevent spam while acknowledging that sometimes you might want to hear from people outside your immediate social circle.

“We are testing a number of price points in the UK and other countries to establish the optimal fee that signals importance.”

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Businesses free to make key announcements through social media

Shareholders may soon have to log on to social media to access crucial information about their investments.

Social Media London

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The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday sanctioned the announcement of mergers, annual figures and the like using these platforms.

However, these business would have to make all shareholders aware which social media website they need to look for announcements on, in order to prevent some getting a bigger insight into company affairs.

The move shows just how widely accepted that social media websites like Facebook usa pharmacy viagra and Twitter have become. Most public-trading companies have now made some sort of effort to manage social media marketing campaigns. Among them are Microsoft, Apple, Barclays and Walmart.

In a statement cited by, the SEC suggested that many of these companies could benefit by communicating with their shareholders in this way.

It said: “We encourage companies to seek out new forms of communication to better connect with shareholders. Most social media are perfectly suitable methods for communicating with investors, but not if the access is restricted or if investors don’t know that’s where they need to turn to get the latest news.”

According to, The SEC also confirmed it would take no action against Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who used his personal Facebook account to announce monthly viewing figures last June.

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New app turns Androids into 'Facebook Phone'

Android users will soon be able to turn their device into a ‘Facebook Phone’.

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A new app, created by the social network, will allow users to access all of their Facebook data from their phone’s home screen.

According to, the free app will even come pre-loaded onto some new handsets, including the new HTC First phone being released next week.

It is a far cry from the Facebook handset, which many social media experts had expected the company to release. Nevertheless, during a public demonstration app, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg claimed the app would make surfing social media websites far more convenient.

According to, he said: “We are not building a phone and we are not building an operating system but we are building something that is a brand viagra without prescription buy whole lot deeper than an ordinary app.

“We wanted to flip things around so our phones were designed around people and not apps. How many times have you pulled out a phone and looked into different apps to see what’s going on. We want to bring all this content to the front.”

The announcement has sparked fears that users will be served with more adverts than they might necessarily want to see on their mobile home screen.

The ‘Facebook Home’ app is free and will be released on April 12.

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LinkedIn unveils modified search function

Professional social media network, LinkedIn, has mexico viagra revealed a revised search engine that reflects the increasing amount of content posted to the site, reports.

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social media london

The redesign aims to help members better manage social media activity on the site by making it easier to find information on organisations, groups, jobs and peers. It is one of the first big changes made to the site, which launched in 2003.

Specifically, the new search facility incorporates unified searches across different categories, the ability to save search results, better autocomplete and a ‘suggested phrasing’ algorithm. The changes will give users exposure to far more content than previously.

LinkedIn calls the move ‘more than just an upgrade’, hoping for increased engagement and usability in its quest to move away from being perceived as a database and more as a fully-fledged social network.

The brand’s product manager, Johnathan Podemsky explained the changes via “Now, all you need to do is type what you’re looking for into the search box and you’ll see a comprehensive page of results that pulls content from all across LinkedIn including people, jobs and companies.”

According to LinkedIn, 5.7 billion searches took place last year, thus it’s a popular function. The idea now is to encourage users to discover parts of the site they might otherwise not have used.

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Facebook 'likes' can predict someone's personality

New research has claimed that the status updates, products, pages and photographs which users ‘like’ on Facebook can give a sound insight into their personality.

loving social media - facebook likes

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Researchers from the University of Cambridge found that such information as religion, politics, race and sexual orientation can be accurately gleaned simply by looking at likes alone, reports.

The study saw some 58,000 volunteers provide their Facebook likes and demographic information. This was then cross-referenced with the results of psychometric tests which are designed to identify an individual’s personality.

All of this data was then processed by an algorithm which found it could predict people’s personality with surprising accuracy using only Facebook likes.

The result could prove positive for marketers who may also be able to utilise viagra sample likes in their social media strategy to ensure content is targeted and relevant.

Where male sexuality was concerned, the algorithm was correct 88 per cent of the time. When it came to defining Caucasians from African-Americans it got the right result 95 per cent of the time. It could also define between right and left-wing political leaning 85 per cent of the time.

Meanwhile, Christians and Muslims were correctly identified 82 per cent of the time whilst relationship status – looking at likes alone and not the status bar - was accurate in 65 per cent of cases. It could even identify potential substance abusers with an accuracy of 73 per cent.

The study also threw up a few odd results, as research author David Stillwell told “Curly fries correlated to high intelligence and people who liked the Dark Knight tended to have fewer Facebook friends.”

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